• Harry Potter
    Hey guys! Lets have a super quick caption contest! Best answer gets 60 points for their house. Try to keep it clean, ok? I'm still a little boy. Have fun~!
    12 minutes ago ยท
      • Ron Weasley
        Ron Weasley LOL! okokok um... "You don't understand! I have to do this! He said he'd give me back my old hairline!" -pfftHAHAHAHAHAHA
        11 minutes ago
      • Pansy Parkinson
        Pansy Parkinson ohhhh pansy is so beautiful it makes me cryyyyy
        10 minutes ago
      • Draco Malfoy
        Draco Malfoy Wh- DAD?! WTF!?
        9 minutes ago
      • Lucius Malfoy
        Lucius Malfoy "Wahhhh, Daddy! Daddy, Harry Potter was mean to me again today! Daddy! Daddy, can't you do something about him? Daddy, he's so annoying! When is Voldemort coming baaack so he can kill Harry Potterrr!"
        10 minues ago
      • Severus Snape
        Severus Snape "I'm sorry, professor! I couldn't finish my potions essay because Harry Potter was distracting meeeee! He is all everyone talks about and I just- I can't- UGHWAHHHHHHH! He ruins everything!"
        9 minutes ago
      • Draco Malfoy
        Draco Malfoy Professor Snape too?! This is ridiculous!
        8 minutes ago
      • Remus Lupin
        Remus Lupin "This boggart is soo scary! I should have been listening in Professor Lupin's class instead of moaning about a fake injury like the little shi- I mean... like the little poopy that I am!"
        8 minutes ago
      • Vincent Crabbe
        Vincent Crabbe "i had a dream that i was a poor filthy muggle. hold me crabbe."
        7 minutes ago
      • Draco Malfoy
        Draco Malfoy Crabbe?! >:'O
        6 minutes ago
      • Voldemort
        Voldemort "I'll never be worth anything." HA!
        5 minutes ago
      • Draco Malfoy
        Draco Malfoy ...................
        3 minutes ago
      • Big D Dursley
        Big D Dursley "I miss my boyfriend"
        2 minutes ago
      • Draco Malfoy
        Draco Malfoy WHO THE F*** ARE YOU?!
        about a minute ago
      • Harry Potter
        Harry Potter 60 points to Slytherin! Draco's first comment fit the best even though he wasn't trying XD hahahahahaaaaa!
        about a minute ago
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