• Muammar Gheddafi
    Pool party at my villa tonight!
    6 hours ago ยท
      • Ahida  Najat
        Ahida Najat Salam Aleikum. When and where is gonna be the party? Can i call my friends too?
        Maram Zahra, Yasmin Tahira e Dawud Fa'ez
      • Muammar Gheddafi
        Muammar Gheddafi Aleikum salam. Sure, call all the girls you want, my officers will be happy!
        Ahida Najat, Amir Fathi e Dawud Faez
      • Dawud Faez
        Dawud Faez Hi Ahida, in these hard times our generals will enjoy this party, they deserve the best girls ok?
        Libian's Defense Minister
      • Ahida  Najat
        Ahida Najat Don't worry ;) i know what you mean!
      • Muammar Gheddafi
        Muammar Gheddafi 20.00 at my Tripoli's villa, between Al Fatha st. and Al Kurmish rd!
        NATO and Nicolas Sarkozy
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