• Alastair Cook
    Not sure I will come next time or not, but I will make sure to send a white handkerchief to make it clear for Indians that we want peace from day 1.
    6 hours ago ·
      • James Anderson
        James Anderson What? We came here to play cricket? I thought we are on a trip.
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      • Ashwin
        Ashwin ^You thought that because your Visa lasted longer than England’s batsmen on pitch.
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      • Moeen Ali
        Moeen Ali ^^Jimmy you picked more wickets than Aakash Chopra picked in his entire test career.
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      • Aakash Chopra
        Aakash Chopra ^Yes, probably because I never bowled to you in my entire career.
        Moeen Ali deletes his account
      • Ravindra Jadeja
        Ravindra Jadeja Cook, I will fund your trip do come next time, I want to reach 400 wickets mark quick. Please!
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      • Virat Kohli
        Virat Kohli Make sure you send cricketers instead of tourists next time.
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      • Parthiv Patel:
        Parthiv Patel: Wicket hata diya karo yaar ball dikhta nahi hai, fir bolte ho catch chhod diya.
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      • Shahid Afridi
        Shahid Afridi ^So what's the big deal? Mai to bina dekhe hi batting karta hu bhai.
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      • Virendra Sehwag
        Virendra Sehwag Jadeja ki bowling aur Harry Potter series of J.K.Rowling never disappoints.
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      • Akshay Kumar
        Akshay Kumar Agar abhi bhi mann nahi bhara ho to bheju Namaste London ki CD?
        Cook started packing his bag
    Aliastair Cook is now friends with Steven Smith. ·
    England Team likes Dho dala BC.
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