• Dionysus, God of getting drunk
    I'm drunk
    200 B.C ·
    • Zeus likes this.
      • Zeus
        Zeus Good job son
        6 hours ago
      • Hera
        Hera How many kids do you want?
        6 hours ago
  • Dionysus is in a relationship with Ariadne.
    250 B.C ·
    • Aphrodite likes this.
      • Theseus
        Theseus Why in the Hades are you cheating on me?
        6 hours ago
      • Aphrodite
        Aphrodite Just let the young love flourish Theseus, you'll find another one
        6 hours ago
  • Dionysus
    My wine can make you feel great but honestly it could go either way 🍷 What type of wine do you want? 😉
    300 B.C ·
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