• Janna
    Support girls night out!!! ITS PARTY TIME!!!
    1 hour ago ยท
    • 7 people likes this.
      • Karma
        Karma I am going to get so drunk!!!!
        30 minutes ago
      • Soraka
        Soraka Cant wait
        30 minutes ago
      • Kayle
        Kayle Guess I will have a good time
        15 minutes ago
      • Morgana
        Morgana Stfu Kayle. This is going to awesome. gawd you're such a downer. (I made cookies)
        15 minutes ago
      • Sona
        Sona We are going to have so much fun.
        10 minutes
      • Nidalee
        Nidalee Damn right we are!!!
        10 minutes ago
      • Taric
        Taric Cant wait to see you girls. PARTY TIME!!!
        5 minutes ago
      • Janna
        Janna O.o right...
        1 minute ago
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