• Jimmy Page
    Oye! Ropey! Just checked out your performance on YouTube... absolutely ACE, man! Can we jam sometime?
    6 hours ago ·
    • Slash likes this.
      • Keith Richards
        Keith Richards That's just BULLOCKS, Page! I've been asking you to jam for decades.
        5 hours ago
      • Jimmy Page
        Jimmy Page Don't be a twat, Richards. I'm not just going to play with ANYBODY.
        5 hours ago
      • Kylie Minogue
        Kylie Minogue I hear you, Jimmy! That song keeps repeating in my head... Um, have I ever told you how cute I think you are...?
        4 hours ago
      • Roberto Baggio
        Roberto Baggio You cacasennos think he can play guitar?!! You should see him play football! Mamamia!
        6 hours ago
    Jimmy Hendrix attended RubyZombie Rocks Out. ·
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