• Md. Shami
    Sleeveless or Skirt, she can wear anything she wants. Our life our rulezzz… get the hell out of here you fools.
    6 hours ago ·
      • Zakir Naik
        Zakir Naik According to bible you are a sinner, according to quran you are a sinner, according to geeta you are a sinner.
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      • Md. Shami
        Md. Shami ^you spelled seamer wrong.
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      • Deepika Padukone
        Deepika Padukone Her life, her choice. She can wear whatever she wants. *plays ram chahe leela* *starts dancing*
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      • Saeed Ajmal
        Saeed Ajmal Don’t know about others, but I don’t want to wear half sleeve shirts. ICC may catch me chucking.
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      • Barkha Dutt:
        Barkha Dutt: Shami so you don’t feel safe in India? This is disgusting.
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      • Md. Shami:
        Md. Shami: ^Yes I feel unsafe in India, especially when I see journalists like you.
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      • Md. Kaif:
        Md. Kaif: ^She questioned me for using pics of comments on your post. Called it fake.
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      • Barkha Dutt:
        Barkha Dutt: ^ No it’s not like that, you didn’t catch the point.
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      • Md Kaif:
        Md Kaif: ^ I catch the point, and I catch on point.. never saw me fielding ?
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      • Aamir Khan
        Aamir Khan Ab hoga Dangal.. Ab hoga Dangal !!!!
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      • Rahul Gandhi
        Rahul Gandhi ^Main apna Wifi Password bhool gaya.. Dangal nahi aapke paas Dongal hoga?
        Sonia Gandhi apologized in public
      • M.S.Dhoni
        M.S.Dhoni Shami you treated the trolls like Cook's off stump. Totally destroyed them.
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    Md. Shami is now friends with Sania Mirza. ·
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