• Ahmed Shehzad
    If you look at Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson & Joe Root, you will see that unlike me, they all got a lot of support.
    6 hours ago ยท
      • Autocorrect
        Autocorrect You misspelled "elegance" as "support".
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      • Vinod Kambli
        Vinod Kambli Same here, unlike me Sachin got all the support, or I would have also scored 30 runs more in my career.
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      • Tilakaratne Dilshan
        Tilakaratne Dilshan You don't deserve support. Instead of converting 1s into 2s, you started converting religions.
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      • Pakistani Fans
        Pakistani Fans We always supported you when you ruled out of the team, hence we wish you never get into the team so we can support you for lifetime.
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      • Stuart Binny
        Stuart Binny Everyone needs support, even water needs support of a bottle to get a shape.
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      • Joe Root
        Joe Root Unlucky you, Virat would not have been the no.1 batsman if you would have got support. And also Messi would have played Cricket and NASA would have found water on Sun. And Jesus would not have died
        Sarcasm died laughing
      • Misbah Ul-Haq
        Misbah Ul-Haq Wo sab theek hai lekin ye Support ki spelling kisne sikhayi tujhe? Aur tune Williadandfson ki spelling bhi sahi likh di -_-
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      • Virat Kohli
        Virat Kohli Tujhe support nahi Eno chahiye, sar pe gas chahad jaati hai kabhi kabhi.
        Acidity cries on this
      • Kane Williamson
        Kane Williamson Best thing about your batting is we can watch your full innings on Vine and learn so much about batting.
        6 secs got wasted on this
      • Steven Smith
        Steven Smith Ahmed going by your batting techniques you would last 2 less balls than Afridi, and Afridi last only 3 balls.
        Afridi likes this being honest
      • Shahid Afridi
        Shahid Afridi ^Smithy, once I batted over 100 balls.
        Shaktimaan was real
      • Steven Smith
        Steven Smith ^Then? Pakistan won or not?
        Curiosity killed the cat and Mosquito
      • Shahid Afridi
        Shahid Afridi ^Don't know, i woke up before the results.
        Smith facepalmed
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