• Umar Akmal
    New year is here.. Enjoy everyone, party hard.
    1 January 2017 ·
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      • QTV news
        QTV news Breaking News from Islamabad: Fashion is in coma after this picture.
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      • Kamran Akmal
        Kamran Akmal Bro. Tip: Ye Kapde pehen ke bahar mat jana.. log tujhe kala paan ka gulaam samjh ke Teen Patti khelne lagenge.
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      • Lahore Police
        Lahore Police You will be arrested in next 24hrs for half murder of your fashion sense.
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      • David Warner
        David Warner My daughter is 2 years old and she has 1% sense of fashion. Still 3% more than yours.
        Umar Akmal complaint his mom about this
      • Mithun Chakraborty
        Mithun Chakraborty Aaye Sala! Pakistani disco-dancer...
        People chanting "Disco-Dancer.." on this
      • Shahid Afridi
        Shahid Afridi Tum logo ki wajah se Micheal Jackson ki aatma ko shaanti nahi mil rahi.
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      • Kim Kardashian
        Kim Kardashian Why did i see this, i feel like donating my eyes. Bro. go topless instead of wearing something like this.
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      • Shoaib Akhtar
        Shoaib Akhtar ^ he is already "Topless", he don't have brain you would know if you watch him batting.. Ye nahi hai talented..
        Afridi feeling offended
      • Sir Jadeja
        Sir Jadeja Umar there is a god gift called eyes, you should donate it to needy peoples. I never saw you using them while batting, catching.. aur ab kapde bhi bina dekhe le raha hai.
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      • Kane Williamson
        Kane Williamson Why so serious bro? Did your Bakra ran away? If yes, you should be happy, at least he got an opportunity to "run", unlike you who never connects the ball.
        Inzamam feeling offended
      • Umar Akmal's Bakra
        Umar Akmal's Bakra ^I ran away because he used to harass me by making me watch his batting and Siddhu's commentary.
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      • Alastair Cook
        Alastair Cook Dude start watching Fashion Tutorials on Youtube.. Oh Wait! Sorry.. on any website you feel comfortable.
        Pakistan Govt blocked this comment
  • Umar Akmal's Bakra is in a relationship with Ahmad Shahzad's Bakri.
    6 hours ago ·
      • Afridi's Bakri
        Afridi's Bakri Oh my Goat! You cheated me? *feeling broken*
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      • Misbah's Bakra
        Misbah's Bakra ^Mera chance hai kya?
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      • Umar Akmal
        Umar Akmal I hope rift between our Bakra-Bakri won't affect our relationship guys. Cheers! @Misbah @Afridi @Shahzad
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