• Osama Bin Laden
    Awesome poker night @Daniel Moncayo @Barack Obama @Chuck Norris @Hugh Hefner @Bruce Willis @Lebron James and many other friends
    16 hours ago ยท
      • Barack Obama
        Barack Obama Great game haha this party has to be repeat again next weekend, dany invite ur friends, remember party is in da house tonight yeahh
        8 hours ago
      • Chuck Norris
        Chuck Norris dany im ur fan, I admire u we should hang out again all da crew
        8 hours ago
      • Lebron James
        Lebron James fuck im still angry, we should won that f@cking game arghhh
        3 hours ago
      • Megan Fox
        Megan Fox I wanna go to da movies who wants to be my date?
        3 hours ago
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