• Sarah Fandrich
    You know what I enjoy? Cookies and water. The best way to eat a rainbow is in a smoothie. It's even better when you add mommy kisses!!!!!!!
    10 seconds ago ·
    • Shelby Thompson likes this.
      • Kc Sobrepena
        Kc Sobrepena You are such a silly billy. I love you unique sense of self and you're amazing nose. You're nose is so amazing. So are your freckles. omg!
        6 hours ago
      • Jesse Jewett
        Jesse Jewett Freshman these days make me want to cry.
        6 hours ago
      • Shelby Thompson
        Shelby Thompson Well, I love Sarah! Even if she is a hum diddly silly nilly. She's so superfabulous!
        6 hours ago
    Barack Obama is now friends with Osama Bin Laden. ·
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