• Ian Shaw
    Dude...I've...Discovered...Time travel!!! AH! I'm going to tell history about facebook!
    April 16, 2011 ·
      • Emmett Brown
        Emmett Brown Great scott! That will cause a rip in time, the likes that I have never seen! I must stop this from happening!
        26 years ago
  • Xerxes
    Hmm...This advanced culture says I have a million friends! Yes, friends. Bow to your god.
    2513 years ago ·
    • Persians likes this.
      • Leonidas
        Leonidas Xerxes, you're friends may be great in numbers, but mine are great in power. This is a war you will not win, even here on facebook.
        2513 years ago
      • Xerxes
        Xerxes Leave me alone, I'm playing farmville.
        2513 years ago
      • Leonidas
        Leonidas Cityville's better.
        2513 years ago
      • Xerxes
        Xerxes I will kill you.
        2513 years ago
  • Henry VIII
    I'm leaving my wife.
    526 years ago ·
      • Pope
        Pope You can't do that.
        526 years ago
  • Henry VIII
    I'm beheading my wife.
    526 years ago ·
    • Pope likes this.
      • Pope
        Pope As long as your not getting a divorce.
        6 hours ago
  • Cristopher Columbus
    Discovered a new continent biz-niches!
    269 years ago ·
  • George Washington
    Won the war against Britain and gained our liberty!
    228 years ago ·
  • Abe Lincoln
    Taking the old lady to the theatre tonight. ttyl.
    4 score and 7 years ago ·
  • JFK
    Going to Dallas. ttyl.
    48 years ago ·
  • Neil Armstrong
    Check out my new profile pic. That's one sexy asstronaut!
    42 years ago ·
  • Dick Nixon
    Thiss jusst in Americanss! I found that communisst nuclear warhead'ss have no effect on childrenss sschool desskss! ttyl. Being impeached.
    6 hours ago ·
  • Emmett Brown
    I did it. It took me 26 years, but I've created a system that can go back in time and stop this from ever happening. I call it...SKYNET!
    April 19, 2011 ·
  • T2
    I'm looking for Ian Shaw
    2 minutes ago. ·
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