• Black-Eyed Susan
    Perennial Affair at Homestead Gardens June 11th and 12th. I'm in. Who else?
    6 hours ago ยท
    • Hosta likes this.
      • Hosta
        Hosta I'm in. Staying out of the sun, tho.
        5 hours ago
      • Russian Sage
        Russian Sage In-laws are here, but I'll bring them. Couple hours less I need to spend with them alone! :>
        5 hours ago
      • Coneflower
        Coneflower I'll be there...late...but I'll meet you.
        4 hours ago
      • Clematis
        Clematis Two soccer games and a stupid birthday party...so I'll be late, but I'll be there too.
        3 hours ago
      • Tomato
        Tomato BOOYAH! I'm in, too! What time?
        3 hours ago
      • Black-Eyed Susan
        Black-Eyed Susan This is awkward...
        3 hours ago
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