• Tim Burton > Mykell Walton
    Hey, I finally found your page! We should meet up as soon as you are done with your script. I have the perfect character for you to play.
    8 hours ago ยท
      • Vincent
        Vincent Tim.... what are you doing? You can't let more people in! Don't your remember us, your first characters!
        7 hours ago
      • Mr. Todd
        Mr. Todd Good, I will have another bleeder to play with XD
        7 hours ago
      • Sally Skellington
        Sally Skellington Oooooooo when is the first cast party? I will bring the butterfly infused champagne! Or the frog's breath, what do you think?
        6 hours ago
      • Ed Scissorhands
        Ed Scissorhands I agree with Vincent Tim. We want to be used again! I have been up here in this castle for way too long! Please let me play another part.
        4 hours ago
      • Captain Jack Sparrow
        Captain Jack Sparrow I'm with Sally on this one! When shall I plan on brining the rum?
        3 hours ago
      • Helena Bonham Carter
        Helena Bonham Carter You all need to shove off. You can't just come poppin' round to other peoples conversations. And Jack, how did you even become part of this?
        27 minutes ago
      • Nellie Lovett
        Nellie Lovett Sweeney, we talked about this deary, remember what happened last time I let you play with bleeders?
        26 minutes ago
      • Mr. Todd
        Mr. Todd Yes, love. But there really isn't much else to do anymore down here.
        23 minutes ago
      • Hatter
        Hatter Oh! Can we make it a lovely tea party? Who's up for tea!?
        20 minutes ago
      • Mykell Walton
        Mykell Walton Uh... Tim... how about a message next time?
        11 minutes ago
      • I am the Hare
        I am the Hare Spoon... !
        A minute ago
      • Tim Burton
        Tim Burton Good plan
        A few moments ago
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