• Mohammad Tajammul Khateeb
    Bored AF ๐Ÿ˜•
    1 hour ago ยท
      • Donald Trump
        Donald Trump You shouldn't have left White House on my victory!
        Barack Obama and white house likes this
      • Arnab Goswami
        Arnab Goswami You can be the prime time host on my news channel.
        Loudspeaker companies likes this
      • Christopher Nolan
        Christopher Nolan Will you please play the protagonist in my next movie?
        Irrfan, Deepika and Priyanka likes this
      • Arvind Kejriwal
        Arvind Kejriwal We are trying to take a hold in Maharashtra, will you please be AAP Maharashtra's President?
        Sharad Pawar and Sisodia likes this
      • Albert Einstein
        Albert Einstein Bhai tu humare zamane me paida kyun nahi hua? :-(
        Gandhi,Hitler andBhagat singh likes this
      • Virat Kohli
        Virat Kohli Md Shami injured hai bhai, please England series aakar bachalo.
        BCCI and whole Indian Team likes this
      • Narendra Modi
        Narendra Modi Achhe din aayenge!
        All bhakts blindly likes this
      • Salman Khan
        Salman Khan Let's go for a ride, bro! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
        All the footpath sleeper dislikes this
      • Khaleesi
        Khaleesi You know I'm still single, right?
        Salman and Modi likes this
      • Mohammad Tajammul Khateeb
        Mohammad Tajammul Khateeb It was just a momentary thing guys, chill. Aap log bhi naa serious hogye.
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