• Gujarat Lions
    Welcome our new assistant coach, Mohammad Kaif..
    6 hours ago ยท
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      • Sir Jadeja
        Sir Jadeja Wow! What a privilege.... for Kaif bhai.
        No one coaches Sir Jadeja
      • Vinod Kambli
        Vinod Kambli I want to coach your team too. Get me as your coach please. I will give them coaching on how to get emotional after every match. *Does Shivaji the boss wala style on his bald head*
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      • Gujarat Lions
        Gujarat Lions ^A coach like you will derail the whole train.. Stay away!
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      • Rajasthan Royals
        Rajasthan Royals Chuttiyon ka mazza lo yaar.. Kya coach woch bana rahe ho..
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      • Chennai Super Kings
        Chennai Super Kings ^Bhai Goa ke hidden beaches mujhe maalum hai.. next weekend pe milte hain?
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      • Mohammad Kaif
        Mohammad Kaif I will coach your team.. But let me first ask the EXTREMISTS, if coaching a team makes me Anti-Religion or Anti-Nationalist? Help me Intellectuals please.
        Guardian of religion had a meeting
      • Suresh Raina
        Suresh Raina Good to have Kaif bhai in our side.. Now we will build Great Wall of Gujarat on off-side field.
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      • Salman Butt
        Salman Butt Can i be your betting coach? I will make sure no one gets out.. You will win.. I bet!
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      • Auto-correct
        Auto-correct ^Tere "Betting" ko "Batting" mai change karne ki himmat nahi hui..
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      • Dwayne Bravo
        Dwayne Bravo Good to have you Kaif.. But make sure your you got some good dance moves..
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      • Lodha Committee
        Lodha Committee Kaif appointed as Coach just because he has the same surname as Katrina Kaif. We will look into this.. Supreme court should pass a rule on this. This is ruining cricket. Anurag Thakaur should resign.
        Supreme Courts starts hearing
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