• Katara
    OMG!!! I found the AVATAR!!!!!! Sokka helped a little too.
    5 minutes ago ·
    • Aang likes this.
      • Sokka
        Sokka Hey, I found him.
        2 minutes ago.
      • Zuko
        Zuko Where was this??? Tell me plz?
        a minute ago
    Katara is now friends with Aang. ·
    Sokka is now friends with Aang. ·
  • Aang
    No!!!! I didn't mean to set off that flare!!! Now I'm stranded on a ship with a bunch of wierdo maniacs!!!!
    5 minutes ago ·
      • Zuko
        Zuko Hey, I'm not a freak!!! If anything you're the freak for having an arrow on your head. It's not right.
        3 minutes ago
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