• Samir Nasri
    Life at Arsenal is so boring...no trophies around. I am not signing a new contract.
    6 hours ago ·
    • Patrice Evra likes this.
      • Patrice Evra
        Patrice Evra Come to United mate. Its good around here...Many trophies.
        6 hours ago
      • Arsene Wenger
        Arsene Wenger I won't sell Nasri to United. I will only sell him to a club whose manager is a hypocrite and which does not win trophies. (just like us)
        6 hours ago
      • Samir Nasri
        Samir Nasri Lets see if the united interest is real.
        6 hours ago
  • goal.com uk
    Goal.com can reveal that Samir Nasri has signed for United.
    5 hours ago ·
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