• Imran Khan
    Pakistan produces far more better quality fast bowlers than India.
    6 hours ago ·
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      • Albert Einstein
        Albert Einstein WTF! I never invented Time machine, how did you time travel to 1990s? This is 2017 wake up!
        Issac Newton said "neither did i"
      • ACP Pradyuman
        ACP Pradyuman Daya pata lagao inhone last time cricket match kab dekha tha?
        Daya quits job
      • Steven Smith
        Steven Smith Your "quality fast bowlers" failed to get a win for Pakistan in Australia (bowler friendly pitch) since 1999.
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      • Virat Kohli
        Virat Kohli May you produce more such bowlers so that i could reach to 20k runs as soon as possible.
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      • Joe Root
        Joe Root ^No you won't be the fastest to reach there.
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      • Virat Kohli
        Virat Kohli ^So you are saying they have a good bowling line up?
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      • Joe Root
        Joe Root ^No of course not, I mean India and Pakistan are not going to play together.. Ehh Lucky me! Thanks BCCI
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      • Yograj Singh
        Yograj Singh The last time you produced quality bowlers, Dhoni was struggling in Domestic Cricket. And later your bowlers helped him scoring his 1st hundred. Pakistan will go penniless one day.
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      • England Cricket Team
        England Cricket Team We scored 444, the highest score in ODI against Men in green, Pakistan? Or we are colour blind? Please confirm.
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      • Navjot Singh Siddhu
        Navjot Singh Siddhu Your bowlers are like mini skirts, they reveal (your flaws) more than they hide.
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      • Kapil Sharma
        Kapil Sharma ^ Paaji mujhe wo Pakistan wala match yaad aa gaya.. Jisme aapko Zero pe out kiya tha.. Mere ko bilkul pasand nahi aaya.
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      • Saeed Ajmal
        Saeed Ajmal I am also a Pakistani bowler, i helped Pakistan winning many times. Ignore the chucking. I also made Sachin Retire.
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      • R Ashwin
        R Ashwin ^Ehh! Indians chuck only when they need to get mango from the tree.
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      • Virender Sehwag
        Virender Sehwag I have a dream of scoring 300 in ODIs and 400 in Test. If BCCI agrees to play a series against Pakistan this February, i will make a comeback :D
        Pakistani bowlers announced retirement
      • Arvind Kejriwal
        Arvind Kejriwal ^Poor Indians are struggling to get 100s. Modi ji ruined India.
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    Imran Khan is now friends with Piers Morgan. ·
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