• Fruit Punch Samurai
    This thing called Facebook is certainly intriguing. I'm gonna demand every member of the Joui to make an account!
    1 hour ago ยท
    • Elizabeth likes this.
      • Sakata Gintoki
        Sakata Gintoki Geez, what's up with this Facebook hype? Even you? Besides, this is a public place. Don't discuss private matters like **** and **** here.
        1 hour ago
      • Fruit Punch Samurai
        Fruit Punch Samurai That's why I use the alias Fruit Punch Samurai. The Shinsengumi will never find me! And you've joined up too, Gintoki...
        55 minutes ago
      • Sakata Gintoki
        Sakata Gintoki Whatever. Good luck with having the Shinsengumi chasing you around, Fruit Punch Samurai-san.
        53 minutes ago
      • Fruit Punch Samurai
        Fruit Punch Samurai Not Fruit Punch Samurai! It's Katsura!
        50 minutes ago
      • Sakata Gintoki
        Sakata Gintoki Zura, you're such an idiot. You totally just exposed your true identity here. Your profile picture even changed with that comment!
        49 minutes ago
      • Toushirou Hijikata
        Toushirou Hijikata I can't believe Gori- errr Kondo-san was onto something regarding this whole joining Facebook thing. We'll be seeing you in a second.
        48 minutes ago
      • Okita Sougo
        Okita Sougo Does this mean I get to fire my grenades at you too vice-chief?
        47 minutes ago
      • Elizabeth
        Elizabeth *Holds up sign* 'We'd better make a run for it.'
        45 minutes ago
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