• M.S.Dhoni
    Nah! Do you think i will retire because of pressure? If you think so, you probably started watching cricket from yesterday.
    6 hours ago ยท
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      • Greg Chappell
        Greg Chappell Yeah! How can someone say that, i am not the Indian coach now.
        Ganguly takes out iron rode
      • M.S.K Prasad
        M.S.K Prasad Pressurizing you to step down as captain is like asking Lord Krishna to leave the battlefield of Mahabharat, thinking it will help Pandvas.
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      • Arnab Goswami
        Mic blown up
      • Twitter
        Twitter Bhai thodi dheere bolo, Tu bol Facebook pe raha hai.. Teri aawaz Twitter tak aa rahi hai.. Bacche tweet kar rahe hai waha disturbance hota hai.
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      • Barkha Dutt
        Barkha Dutt What do you mean by you are not retiring because of pressure? We media put so much effort to make players uncomfortable and ruin their image and you are saying this? Not fair!
        As a society we are ashamed
      • Yaami Gautam
        Yaami Gautam ^Not Fair? Get fairness in 7 days use Fair and Lovely... certified by ALL INDIA GORA PEOPLE
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      • Rahul Gandhi
        Rahul Gandhi Har din ek mein se do captain pressure ki wajah se retirement le lete hai..
        Maths teacher committed hari kari
      • Harbhajan Singh
        Harbhajan Singh Thank you Dhoni for not giving me the last over of 2007 T20 WC or i would be a DSP in Punjab right now.
        Sreesanth grabs popcorn
      • Joginder Sharma
        Joginder Sharma ^ I would prefer to be a DSP instead of judging thousands of jobless people in a show.
        Harbhajan shouted "Tu Roadie banega?"
      • Nita Ambani
        Nita Ambani Will you coach Mumbai Indians in near future? I want my team to learn how to handle burden.
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      • Ambati Rayudu
        Ambati Rayudu ^No please, I want strike.. I want to bat.
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