• Kim Taeyeon
    I wonder if she will ever know )':
    6 hours ago ยท
      • Im Yoona
        Im Yoona Correction. 'I wonder if I will ever touch her tushy'.
        5 hours ago
      • Lee Sunny
        Lee Sunny As if it wasn't obvious.
        6 hours ago
      • Kim Taeyeon
        Kim Taeyeon drat it i'm exposed D:
        6 hours ago
      • Kwon Yuri
        Kwon Yuri Couldn't agree more. I actually printed out a picture and postered it on my ceiling...
        6 hours ago
      • Kim Hyoyeon
        Kim Hyoyeon And it's blocking my aura, damn you and your fetishes Taeyeon!!!
        6 hours ago
      • Jung Jessica
        Jung Jessica You had an aura?! Btw, keep posting the pics Taeyeon; they're quite ass-tounding. ;P
        6 hours ago
      • Hwang Tiffany
        Hwang Tiffany HEY! THAT'S MY ASS YOU GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! T.T Gosh! I feel so violated!
        4 hours ago
      • Choi Sooyoung
        Choi Sooyoung Dude, you post her butt all over facebook -_-.
        6 hours ago
      • Seo Juhyun
        Seo Juhyun Oh no wonder I always smell fart coming out of your room...
        3 hours ago
      • Kim Taeyeon
        Kim Taeyeon Me gusta :Q...
        2 hours ago
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