• Benn Day (Newly Appointed GOD)
    As your newly appointed GOD due my accession to Heaven after todays rapture, I command thee mere mortals to do my bidding
    14 minutes ago ยท
      • Bobby Nicolle
        Bobby Nicolle Babe, you were always a show off x
        5 minutes ago
      • GOD
        GOD Hey, you guys know a good place to stay in Thailand, with no job I have plenty of time to chill. Not really into Ladyboys, Hell why not
        4 minutes ago
      • Satan
        Satan Hey dude, Check out Bangla Rd in Phuket! The place rocks after a few buckets. Sorry to hear about the job
        3 minutes ago
      • Benn Day (Newly Appointed GOD)
        Benn Day (Newly Appointed GOD) Bobby, watch it or i will return. Love you
        1 minute ago
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