• Brian Engram
    I just rescued an injured baby raccoon! I named him Edgy!
    Monday 12:17 PM ·
  • Steve
    Some dude just kidnapped my baby in an igloo cooler!
    Monday 12:33 PM ·
  • Jimmy Marshall
    Got a great idea to take everyone down to the river on a hike!
    Monday 4:12 PM ·
  • J.R. Trucker
    Oregonia, OH is so safety conscious. I can totally drive my truck through these curves.
    Monday 6:32 PM ·
      • Penny Turner
        Penny Turner Safety Never Takes a Holiday!
        6 hours agoMonday 6:36 PM
    J.R. Trucker is now friends with Penny Turner. ·
  • Penny Turner
    The first Camper is HERE!
    Tuesday 9:08 AM ·
    • Tim Smith likes this.
      • Penny Turner
        Penny Turner Does anyone know how to delete a wall post on facebook?
        Tuesday 9:13 AM
  • Penny Turner
    Actually I was mistaken. What I meant to say was the first camper was here at 9:19 AM.
    Tuesday 9:22 AM ·
    • Emily Kage likes this.
      • Tim Smith
        Tim Smith I knew you like Emily more than me.
        Tuesday 9:35 AM
  • Jimmy Marshall
    Can't wait to go rafting today!
    Wednesday 9:24 AM ·
  • J.R. Trucker
    I'm having a serious case of deja vu!
    Wednesday 10:16 AM ·
  • Aaron Simmerman
    Changed his profile picture.
    Wednesday 7:23 PM ·
  • Kern Horse
    It is way too hot out here!
    Wednesday 2:17 PM ·
  • Emily Kage
    Love watching as these campers are really starting to understand the story of the prodigal son and how the dad screwed the other brother!
    Thursday 9:32 AM ·
  • Aaron Simmerman
    Changed his profile picture.
    Thursday 9:23 PM ·
  • Aaron Simmerman
    I hope I never have to wear a bra again!
    Thursday 9:27 PM ·
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