• Fernando Perez Jimenez
    Espero con ansias que salga transformers
    hace 30 minutos ·
    • Megan Fox likes this.
      • Megan Fox
        Megan Fox i thing i should be in that movie. i wanna cry!
        hace 28 minutos
      • Fernando Perez Jimenez
        Fernando Perez Jimenez Don´t worry..,you can come here...to Comalcalco, Mexico...here you can work...may be like a chacha?
        hace 25 minutos
      • Megan Fox
        Megan Fox ok...tnks fer...im gonna think about...can you give me your phone number?
        hace 22 minutos
      • Fernanda Perez Jimenez
        Fernanda Perez Jimenez check your inbox...i thin g i gotta go...have i nice sleep!
        hace 19 minutos
      • Megan Fox
        Megan Fox ok me too see ya letter
        hace 2 minutos
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