Taking a break with my fellows!!! i tried to find pizza here but they just have fucking " ftaat " i hate lybia!
    2 hours ago ยท
      • Ghadafi in da house.
        Ghadafi in da house. Not funny yo!
        30 min ago
      • Master Chief
        Master Chief Need some help with those guys? hey i found some pizza! ho.. wait is the smashed head of a lybian soldier!
        1 hour ago
      • Mahmud
        Mahmud Calm down bro... hey why don't you come to my house to play some wii?
        25 min ago
      • Obama
        Obama I bring the pizza and Master Chief bring the hookers!
        7 min ago
      • Master Chief
        Master Chief Bring them? i thought you said " kill them "!
        5 min ago
      • Theresa
        Theresa WTF?????
        3 min ago
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