• Steve Bucknor
    Thank God there was no DRS in my time or Sachin would have got 10-12 more hundreds.
    6 hours ago ยท
      • Kumar Dharmasena
        Kumar Dharmasena It doesn't matter Bucknor. DRS is as successful as my umpiring.
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      • Moeen Ali
        Moeen Ali ^Come on Kumar, at least DRS judges No balls correctly.
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      • Mohammad Amir
        Mohammad Amir ^Can your DRS tell you when i am going to bowl a no ball? Mazhar Majeed can. DRS 0-1 Mazhar
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      • Shane Watson
        Shane Watson If you take out LBW from DRS, i will be the most successful man with DRS.
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      • Ravindra Jadeja
        Ravindra Jadeja I should stop taking DRS, the number of successful DRS i have taken is equal to number of wickets James Anderson took in last match.
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      • Stuart Binny
        Stuart Binny ^ Jitna time tune DRS mai waste kiya utne mai 10 log paani pi lete. Shameful !
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      • Rajinikanth
        Rajinikanth When Umpires gives not out and Rajini says out, Batsman himself takes DRS to change the on-field decision and get out.
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      • Aamir Khan
        Aamir Khan DRS is not perfect. It takes avg of 7 minutes 23 seconds to take a decison, out of which 33.54% DRS give unsatisfied decisions. There are 29.43% chances it will give umpires call and.....
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      • Wasim Akram
        Wasim Akram @InzamamUlHaq Inzi bhai dekho sab DRS discuss kar rahe hai.. apna opinion do.
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      • Inzamam ul haq
        Inzamam ul haq ^ Inshallah Mashallah Alhamdulillah Subhanallah Auzubillah, First of all i would like to thank Allahtalla for giving me a chance to comment on facebook. It is very good weather here and boys did well.
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      • MSDhoni
        MSDhoni DRS in Cricket is as important as "ueue" in "Queue".
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      • Arvind Kejriwal
        Arvind Kejriwal ^Another Aam Aadmi is disturbed with the Queue outside ATMs. This is what Demonitazation has done with the poor peoples. Yehi to badalna hai.
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