• Jason Vorhees
    Some chick just stabbed me! That's okay though, I saw her and her boyfriend making out earlier. Gonna post pictures soon.
    2 days ago ยท
    • Michael Meyers likes this.
      • Freddy Krueger
        Freddy Krueger Oh those two? I ripped them apart once they fell asleep.
        2 days ago
      • Leatherface
        Leatherface Bro, don't be such a creep. And trim your fingernails. It's getting out of "hand."
        1 day ago
      • Hannibal Lecter
        Hannibal Lecter You gonna finish that, Freddy?
        12 hours ago
      • Jigsaw
        Jigsaw No, Hanny, let me play with them first.
        2 hours ago
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