• Stuart Binny
    Pandya can be selected for Test, but not me for ODI/T20I? Selectors ka nasha utar gaya kya?
    6 hours ago ·
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      • Sreesanth
        Sreesanth Apne ko bhi lena tha na.. Tu Paani leke jaata, mai towel leke aata.
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      • Sir Jadeja
        Sir Jadeja ^Hey Sree, Sir Jadeja can get you in team, i will talk to Gokuldham Premier League teams.
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      • Gautam Gambhir
        Gautam Gambhir Virat Kohli bewafaa hai..
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      • M.S.Dhoni
        M.S.Dhoni Even i am surprised why didn't they select you :/ India will play 2nd ODI in cuttack, what if the crowd starts throwing bottle again? who will collect them?
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      • Harbhajan Singh
        Harbhajan Singh Ashwin is selected again. It is clear now Selectors, pitch curator, Mother teresa, Baba Ramdev and Hillary Clinton helping him in taking wickets.
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      • Wriddhiman Saha
        Wriddhiman Saha Even Nehra Ji is back in the team, wish i was born in Pakistan. I could have easily got chance there as a wicket keeper.
        Akmal drops his point
      • Yograj Singh
        Yograj Singh Yuvraj didn't gift me a kurta in his wedding, why is he in the team? Dhoni will be penniless if this happened again.
        Selectors facepalmed
      • Yuvraj Singh
        Yuvraj Singh ^Dad i gifted you a car, a bungalow, an aeroplane, 5000 jeans and 200 pairs of shoes.
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      • Yograj Singh
        Yograj Singh ^See you admitted you didn't gift me a kurta.. Selfish..
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      • School going kid
        School going kid I have a question, can i ask here?
        Alia bhatt takes out her textbook
      • Ravi Shastri
        Ravi Shastri ^Before you ask anything, let me tell you ALL THREE RESULTS ARE POSSIBLE.
        kid left school
      • OM SWAMI
        OM SWAMI Why Binny isn't in team? More water. More pee to throw on Bani. Looks like selectors are ISI agent.
        Selectors said "tu bahar mil"
      • Arvind Kejriwal
        Arvind Kejriwal Just because binny can't buy watter bottle because of no change of 2000 rupees, he was ruled out of the team. What's the deal modi ji?
        Demonetization loled on this
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  • Gautam Gambhir
    Just added Stuart Binny as friend, don't judge me.
    3 hours ago ·
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