• Irfan Pathan
    This name is close to our hearts n family.... My Son's name is IMRAN KHAN:)
    6 hours ago ·
      • Greg Chapell
        Greg Chapell Allow me to coach him and make a great cricketer.
        All bowlers hides behind wall
      • Irfan Pathan
        Irfan Pathan ^Cricketing coaching from you? Instead i will force him for engineering.
        All single engineers likes this
      • Imran Khan (Cricketer/Politician)
        Imran Khan (Cricketer/Politician) Oh so you named him after me. He will surely win world cup.
        Dhoni and Ricky ponting likes this
      • Imran Khan (Actor)
        Imran Khan (Actor) Oh Wow! You named him after me. *Sings Aazma Luck Aazma*
        Uday Chopra likes this
      • Imran Khan (Singer)
        Imran Khan (Singer) ^Why would someone name their kid after a jobless guy.. he named his kid keeping me in mind.
        Honey Singh and other rappers dislikes
      • Irfan Pathan
        Irfan Pathan ^Calm down both of you.. I don't know both of you.
        Even Imran (Actor) don't know himself
      • Imran Khan (Singer)
        Imran Khan (Singer) ^What you didn't name him after me? Bewafa Bewafa Bewafa nikla hai tu.. Jhootha pyaar kitta hai tu.
        Amplifier likes this
      • Irfan Pathan
        Irfan Pathan ^For India.
        Imran Khan (cric) blocked Irfan
      • Padosh Wali Aunty
        Padosh Wali Aunty Aapke beta ka birth date kya hai?
        Padosh wali aunty herself likes this
      • Irfan Pathan
        Irfan Pathan ^December 19
        Single guys with no date likes this
      • Padosh Wali Aunty
        Padosh Wali Aunty ^Sharma Ji ka ladke ka December 18 hai.. ek din pehle.
        Irfan takes out Gun
      • Grammar Nazi
        Grammar Nazi Irfan you should have named your son "IAMRUNNING" or "IRAN". "IMRAN" is grammatically incorrect.
        Ashutosh from AAP cried on this
      • MSDhoni
        MSDhoni Congratulations Bro. Usko mere paas la 2-3 din mai daudne lagega..
        Usain Bolt likes this
      • Irfan Path
        Irfan Path ^Nahi bhai tumhare paas laya to wo Mummy-Papa ki jagaha "Jaddu idhar aaja", "Ashwin idhar ball daal", "Rohit thoda saamne aa" bolne lagega :D
        Raina likes this
      • Imran Khan (Pak Cricketer)
        Imran Khan (Pak Cricketer) Aree yaar Baat khatam karo, you named him after the me right?
        Afridi likes this
      • Irfan Pathan
        Irfan Pathan ^Bhai you scored ZERO in your first 7 matches consecutively, Ajit Agarkar ya Afridi rakhenge apne baccho ke naam keeping you in mind.
        Agarkar cried and Aussies likes this
    Irfan Pathan is now friends with Saif Ali Khan. ·
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