• Rep. Anthony Weiner
    OK, so I lied about not sending that Twitter pic of my junk, I've actually been sexting for years.
    6 hours ago ·
      • Eliot Spitzer
        Eliot Spitzer I told u to stick to hookers bro. U can't trust Vegas blackjack dealers to keep their mouths shut.
        5 hours ago
      • Tiger Woods
        Tiger Woods Waitresses and low rent porn actresses are a bad idea too. Cost me $500M
        4 hours ago
      • Bill Clinton
        Bill Clinton Anthony, don't let them haterz get u down. They're jus jealous. I f*cked everything in sight - never hurt me none ;-)
        3 hours ago
      • Bill Clinton
        Bill Clinton Hey Tiger - u still got Elin's number? Mind if I give her a call?
        3 hours ago
      • Huma Albedin
        Huma Albedin Bill, Tiger, I'm available - HMU. Oh and Anthony I actually do believe that TwitPic wasn't u - ur not that big. BTW, I'm keepng the house.
        2 hours ago
    Rep. Anthony Weiner is now friends with Jesse James. ·
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