• Peter Pevensie
    shit's going down with Miraz tonight, that baby back bitch is goin' downn
    5 minutes ago ยท
    • Edmund Pevensie likes this.
      • Cheeseburger Eddie
        Cheeseburger Eddie Somebody call the baby-back bitch?
        4 minutes ago
      • Edmund Pevensie
        Edmund Pevensie Big Ed, whattuppp! Can you get me some shakes? Let's get this party started! Whootwhooot!
        3 minutes ago
      • Cheeseburger Eddie
        Cheeseburger Eddie Sure thing, little Eddie! Imma bring my bitches along, yo! They got some fine ladiess... like, dayyumm.
        2 minutes ago
      • Lucy Pevensie
        Lucy Pevensie Edmund!
        1 minute ago
      • Caretaker
        Caretaker CAN'T WE ALL GET ALONG?!
        50 seconds ago
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