• Jose Rizal
    2 hours ago ·
    Jose Rizal is now friends with Gertrude Beckett. ·
  • Jose Rizal
    San Francisco-Oklahoma-Sacramento-Reno-New York-London. Rough travels. Rough travels, indeed. I feel safe here in London! I'll be staying at Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor's home for a while. :)
    5 hours ago ·
      • Jose Rizal
        Jose Rizal Oh, and I'll be studying Antonio Morga's Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas too! Heard it's a good one. :D
        About an hour ago
  • Jose Rizal
    Susmaryosep! Goodbye, Twitter and Tumblr. I'll be sticking with Facebook since my other accounts have been blocked. Damn those Spaniards! Boy, they're really on me :|
    7 hours ago ·
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