• Flavor Flav
    Yo Yo Yo !!! Y'all better come to my boy Robert's BACKYARD BBQ BITHDAY BASH!!! Sat. June 11th yo !!! Yyyyeeaaahhh Bwwwoooyyyyyy!!!
    6 hours ago ยท
    • P. Diddy likes this.
      • Oprah Winfrey
        Oprah Winfrey I have nothing to do that weekend... Can I come? Where is it at?
        6 hours ago
      • The McCusker
        The McCusker At my house!! 310 Gladstone Ave.!! 3pm - ??
        6 hours ago
      • Barack Obama
        Barack Obama YES I CAN... BRING MY OWN BOOZE!!! See you all there!!
        6 hours ago
      • Maury Povich
        Maury Povich When it comes to Robert's Birthday Party.... YOU ARE COMING!!!
        6 hours ago
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