Clark Kent is now friends with Steve Rogers. ·
  • Batman
    Today sucked, Gotham is full of pricks nowadays *cough*Joker*cough*
    15 minutes ago ·
    • Robin likes this.
      • The Joker
        The Joker Oh, shut the hell up, suck it up!!
        6 minutes ago
      • Bane
        Bane ^^this
        4 minutes ago
  • Hal Jordan
    Work @ Green Lantern corps
    about 1 hour ago ·
    • Tomar-re likes this.
      • Superman
        Superman No one cares!! XD
        about 1 hour ago
  • Spider-Man
    With the president, n00bz
    2 hours ago ·
    • Barack Obama likes this.
      • Superman
        Superman Niiiiiice
        2 hours ago
      • Captain America
        Captain America I killed Hitler, top that (;
        2 hours ago
      • Natasha Romanova
        Natasha Romanova No you didn't!! 60 fucking years in ice must've killed a neuron or two in you, Steve.
        2 hours ago
  • Stan Lee
    Iceman or Human Torch?
    6 hours ago ·
    • Reed Richards likes this.
      • Iceman
        Iceman Woah, Stanley-bro, don't bring Johnny & me into this. We just got into a truce.
        6 hours ago
    Edward Nigma is now friends with Two-Face and Bane. ·
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