• Matthieu Vercruysse
    I leave Isobar Belgium for a few days off and will enjoy a good time with friends ...
    6 hours ago ·
    • Mark Zuckerberg likes this.
      • Mark Zuckerberg
        Mark Zuckerberg Thanks for the work done by Isobar Social Media team ! We are making great money thanks to you guys ! Enjoy your holidays, Matt (dubble T ;-)
        5 hours ago
      • Steve Jobs
        Steve Jobs Could you send me the mobile White Paper written by Isobar ?? I need it asap ...
        4 hours ago
      • Arnaud Lagardère
        Arnaud Lagardère Yo Matt ! Tu te souviens de moi ?? Tu as vu ma vidéo ? Je suis trop cool maintenant ...
        4 hours ago
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