• David Nelson
    Omar, you're the greatest lover I've ever had.
    6 hours ago ยท
      • Ginger Marie
        Ginger Marie Omar, after making love to you; I'd decided to never make love to anyone else...because what's the point?
        6 hours ago
      • Tashina Chivonne Richardson
        Tashina Chivonne Richardson Me too. I saw God!
        6 hours ago
      • Seth Bartholomew
        Seth Bartholomew Me three. I saw the atheist equivalent to God.....which is nothing, i guess. But whatever, you were the best!
        6 hours ago
      • Marti Etheridge
        Marti Etheridge Omar, I had my vagina surgically removed, bronzed, and then mantled after we made love. It sits above the fireplace in glory.
        6 hours ago
      • Ray Wortel
        Ray Wortel Omar. making love to you was like that time I shot up heroin through my urethra. AMAZING!
        6 hours ago
      • Omar Chavez
        Omar Chavez eh. You guys were aw-ite.
        6 hours ago
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