• Nicolas Vanderseypen
    I wonder what to do this weekend... Music or acting? What do you guys think?
    1 hour ago ยท
    • Richie Sambora likes this.
      • Mickey Rourke
        Mickey Rourke I'll be in town to shoot, wanna come and do some scenes?
        38 minutes ago
      • Axl Rose
        Axl Rose Nice shit, I'll drop by see if I can write something for the soundtrack!
        13 minutes ago
      • Mila Kunis
        Mila Kunis Can I come too Nico? I would so much like to see you again!!
        7 minutes ago
      • Nicolas Vanderseypen
        Nicolas Vanderseypen No damn it! I told you to leave me alone, you stupid cunt muscle.
        3 minutes ago
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