• Mario
    Dammit Bowser! Quit kidnapping Princess Peach!!
    50 minutes ago ยท
      • Bowser
        Bowser Hehehe, you want her? Come get her. I just have to remember to hide those Mushrooms and Flowers from you this time.
        43 minutes ago
      • Mario
        Mario *sigh* I guess I'll have to kick your butt once again. Are you ever going to learn?
        40 minutes ago
      • Luigi
        Luigi You want some help Mario?
        36 minutes ago
      • Mario
        Mario I think I can take out the trash on my own, but thanks anyways Luigi.
        35 minutes ago
      • Bowser
        Bowser Mario, you're being too modest... You need all the help you can get this time. Hehehe
        30 minutes ago
      • Princess Peach
        Princess Peach Mario!!! Help!!! Bowser has kidnapped me again!!!
        27 minutes ago
      • Bowser
        Bowser Dammit!! Who let you have internet access up there??
        26 minutes ago
      • Princess Peach
        Princess Peach Lucky for me, you didn't take away my iPhone :P
        25 minutes ago
      • Mario
        Mario Don't worry Peach, I'll be on my way soon!! You ready to go Yoshi?
        20 minutes ago
      • Yoshi
        Yoshi Yoshi!!
        12 minutes ago
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