• Jessica Fletcher
    Heyyy girl i miss you! next time me and alex hangout you better come.. or else!
    6 hours ago ·
    • Alex Connolly likes this.
      • Hailey Rae
        Hailey Rae hahaha i will i will, i've just had a lot of shit going on but definitely hit me up next time!
        6 hours ago
  • Hailey Rae
    Lmaooo youre a joke
    June 11 6:27pm ·
    • Erin Conway likes this.
      • Erin Conway
        Erin Conway dont stress it babe youre too pretty to be sad
        June 11 7:01pm
  • Erin Conway
    hahahah i hate you for last night! ;)
    June 9 10:11am ·
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